A server for your HTML forms

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Pageclip is a simple way to save form data without a server—Pageclip is your server. Use it on your static website or anywhere you don't want to deal with setting up a server.


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  • ᴊᴜʟɪᴇɴ.Tech enthusiast, future obsessed.

    Great design and instant reception of new form submissions in Paperclip.


    No way to delete submissions or tick the ones we replied to. I can't get email notifications to work.

    I was looking for this in a long time tired of handling PHP form... thank you! :)

    ᴊᴜʟɪᴇɴ. has used this product for one day.


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T@burytodinsmoke · Just another Frontend Developer
This is just perfect. I've been looking for such thing for a while now! Immediately started to use it, thanks a lot! One question: is there any way to delete the messages ('items') my inbox receives?
Ben OgleMaker@benogle · Programmer / Designer
@burytodinsmoke Thanks! There is no delete ability right now, but it is on the list. Do you want to delete one at a time? Are you trying to delete the localhost items? Testing item? Something else?
T@burytodinsmoke · Just another Frontend Developer
@benogle I implemented the form to my website and then sent myself a test message, immediately saw my test message in pageclip, i wanted to delete the test message but there was no delete button for that. that was it :)
Ben OgleMaker@benogle · Programmer / Designer
@burytodinsmoke Noted thanks!
Ben OgleMaker@benogle · Programmer / Designer
Hey PH 👋, I made Pageclip to scratch my own itch. I was tired of setting up servers for simple projects and setting up tables / routes / tests for some lead capture form on a landing page. I wanted a simple service I could point my forms at, get a nice async user interaction out of the box, and style in whatever way I wanted. So that's Pageclip. Point your form at your Pageclip URL: <form action="{yourKey}"> ...your fields in your aesthetic... </form> Or submit data from your front-end JavaScript: Pageclip.send(yourKey, 'newsletter', {name: '..', email: '..'}) Get your data in JSON or CSV via email, the web interface, or the REST API. Give the example a whirl. Please give feedback and ask questions! 😄
Brett Hellman 🤗Pro@bretthellman · ceo@matter • former ceo@hall (acquired)
@benogle Great idea and beautifully executed!
Ben OgleMaker@benogle · Programmer / Designer
@bretthellman Thanks Brett!
Doug C. Hardester@r3volution11 · Front End Designer and Developer
Doesn't really relate but I think it's funny that the time is after the favorite animals. It makes it look like the person's favorite was at that time and could change. That's UX for you...
Ben OgleMaker@benogle · Programmer / Designer
@r3volution11 Lol. It's true. It captured a moment, you know? For me, sloths were definitely the best at Oct 4 10:34:47PST
Alex White@alexwhitedev · Freelance web dev, entrepreneur.
Love the idea, great work!
Ben OgleMaker@benogle · Programmer / Designer
@alexwhitedev Thank you!
Andy Rossmeissl@rossmeissl · CEO, Faraday
Also check out Formbucket, which has Webhooks and Recaptcha support