A server for your HTML forms

Pageclip is a simple way to save form data without a server—Pageclip is your server. Use it on your static website or anywhere you don't want to deal with setting up a server.

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This is just perfect. I've been looking for such thing for a while now! Immediately started to use it, thanks a lot! One question: is there any way to delete the messages ('items') my inbox receives?
@burytodinsmoke Thanks! There is no delete ability right now, but it is on the list. Do you want to delete one at a time? Are you trying to delete the localhost items? Testing item? Something else?
@benogle I implemented the form to my website and then sent myself a test message, immediately saw my test message in pageclip, i wanted to delete the test message but there was no delete button for that. that was it :)
@burytodinsmoke Noted thanks!
Hey PH 👋, I made Pageclip to scratch my own itch. I was tired of setting up servers for simple projects and setting up tables / routes / tests for some lead capture form on a landing page. I wanted a simple service I could point my forms at, get a nice async user interaction out of the box, and style in whatever way I wanted. So that's Pageclip. Point your form at your Pageclip URL: <form action="{yourKey}"> ...your fields in your aesthetic... </form> Or submit data from your front-end JavaScript: Pageclip.send(yourKey, 'newsletter', {name: '..', email: '..'}) Get your data in JSON or CSV via email, the web interface, or the REST API. Give the example a whirl. Please give feedback and ask questions! 😄
@benogle Great idea and beautifully executed!
@bretthellman Thanks Brett!
Doesn't really relate but I think it's funny that the time is after the favorite animals. It makes it look like the person's favorite was at that time and could change. That's UX for you...
@r3volution11 Lol. It's true. It captured a moment, you know? For me, sloths were definitely the best at Oct 4 10:34:47PST
Love the idea, great work!

I was looking for this in a long time tired of handling PHP form... thank you! :)


Great design and instant reception of new form submissions in Paperclip.


No way to delete submissions or tick the ones we replied to. I can't get email notifications to work.

@juliens_me Thanks for the feedback!