Page Weight 2.0

Find and fix heavy images on your website

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Super useful. Here is the report for Product Hunt: Glasshole Kitty needs to lose some weight. (we already use imgix for the rest of our images)
Mmm is not working? I keep getting an error after a while is loading a submitted link
Hmm, never stopped loading for me.
Yup same here
@mrdobelina @jesperbylund @paddy Sorry about that! The job requests exceeded our expectations. It's back to normalcy if you'd like to try again
I just love that gif!
Great tool considering images often dramatically impact page speed. The only thing I am not convinced about is the 'Fit to container' element. There are a few situations where a slightly larger image is used to handle multiple cases, e.g. latest blog post has larger thumbnail than older post thumbnails but they use the same resource. I think it would be great to have two options of the optimised image, 'Fit to Container' and 'Keep Original Dimensions'.