Page Flows 2.0

User flow design inspiration for mobile & desktop

Page Flows 2.0 is a growing library of user flow videos, screenshots, emails, & landing pages that you can use for design inspiration during all stages of product development. Since the last launch almost a year ago, we've added live search, commenting, collections, and more.

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    Love that i can now pin my favourites in 1 place. We've been using PF at Geckoboard for pricing page & onboarding flow inspiration.


    A feature to pin your favourite companies (as opposed to just individual pages/flows) in one area would be handy

    I'm a regular Page Flows user and I recommended it to marketers & designers as the starting point of creating a new page or flow. See how all the top companies organise their pages & flows before you map out your own.

    Christina Pashialis has used this product for one year.
  • Lewis Clayton
    Lewis ClaytonConsultant, Hubbub

    Been using Page Flows to optimise our marketing website. It's so easy to use and the depth of content is awesome.


    I now have too many ideas ;)

    Great work team.

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Hello again hunters! I'm excited to launch Page Flows 2.0. Since launching here almost a year ago, the site now has advanced search, comments, collections, a new design, and of course, a whole lot more content. If you're a UX designer or product manager who spends a lot of time checking out other products, this is for you! Check it out and let me know what you think.
@ramykhuffash way to go Ramy! Love seeing the iterations, keep up the great work.
amen. no more opening 6-7 different apps everyday and creating new accounts just to see what appears on first use
I love Page Flows! I've been a paid user for a few months now, and it definitely brings value to my processes and learning in general. The tool is well executed (meaning it is not only screenshots) and helps you not only see images of apps, but to actually understand the UX behind them.
@jorge_dieguez it’s really good to hear you’re finding this useful! Let me know if there’s anything I can do to make it better for you
Looks really useful! Love the structured breakdowns of each UI. Would be interested to know where you're pulling the data from? Are they crowdsourced? Can't wait to start using this more frequently through design sprints 👍
@lachlankirkwood thanks for the kind words! Currently I record everything myself. It’s quite a lot of work per video, so I’m not sure crowd sourcing would work, but it would be a dream if it would!
@ramykhuffash Really impressive that you're doing it all yourself!
Wow, this looks amazing!! I'll definitely be using this for inspiration!
@flybayer awesome 😊