One single username for all of your social profiles

Page is your virtual card. it gives you a single place for all of you social profile. One single username. One single link to share
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don't really get the point?
@emmachen0311 Thanks for the feedback! It's for anyone that wants to connect all their audiences with a single username/link. It takes under a minute to setup
@emmachen0311 @omidborjian what if you already have the same username across all services? Also your Linkedin links are broken format is
@emmachen0311 @jaredzimmerman That's an interesting case. I'd hit the lottery, if I could get my hands on the same username these days! 😄 I think there is still value in getting insights on how each link is performing, and we have some more ideas to add more value to Page. Always open to thoughts and ideas! Thank you for letting me know about the LinkedIn bug. It's fixed and awaiting the app store review so should be good to go in a day or two!
@omidborjian linkedin is still broken (won't show on profile) and after only 2 days the app seems to be completely full of spam accounts...
@jaredzimmerman I appreciate the feedback. We had some caching issues which is now fixed on the web and android. Awaiting Apple store's approval Re: spams, there were definitely some but decided to show a curated "featured" profiles as oppose to "new" members on the search tab. We've featured your profile as well :) Cheers
Hey PH community, a popular feature of Mocha has been the social links in your profile. We thought this can help manage the increasing number of social profiles and links everyone has to share these days by turning them into a single username. A single username, link, QR code that you can share with your friends, customers or followers instead of 20! Update 2: Thank you for the support! Feeling blessed A few people asked if there would be REST API's for web, Wordpress, etc. The answer is yes and it's free! Ping me and I'll set you up with API keys or if you'd like to collaborate on a widget, etc.
Concept seems great. Might check this out.
@realdesigntack Awesome, thanks! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts :)
Great Idea. Look forward to tasting the product. Good luck )
@zhora_ispiryan1 Thanks! Let me know what you think when you do :)
Wow, Awesome! This is something I have been looking for. Feeling excited.
@simoshao Thanks Simone! Glad to hear and excited that you're joining Page!