Virtual concierge for the busy traveller

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How does this compare with services like Taylor and Pana @afakerele ?? :) What is your story?
@bentossell Thanks for checking us out, good question. We're excited to see more players tackle this issue, but our product is actually the only one (that we know of!) of its kind. Both Pana and Taylor are essentially virtual travel agencies that can help you book transport (ie flights, trains) and accommodation (ie hotels). We're focused on providing you hotel-style services during your stay - getting food delivered to your room, laundry picked up/washed, temporary gym passes, local recommendations/reservations, and more. That way, you can still enjoy hotel concierge services even if you're crashing with a friend or renting an Airbnb.
@afakerele I see! So you combine things like postmates, laundry apps etc all into one :) ?
@bentossell That's a great way to think about it :). We partner with the best local service providers, and when you buy things through us, you pay the same rate as if you buy directly. We add the convenience of dealing with one supplier, by text.
@afakerele got it! makes sense :)
Hi everyone, thanks for checking out PadPolish! We offer hotel-like services while you travel, via an SMS-based virtual concierge. Now you can enjoy a vacation rental such as Airbnb or a corporate apartment stay without having to give up on hotel perks. Text us to get food delievered to your room, laundry picked up/washed, local recommendations, and much more. We're free to use and through our predictive technology, get better at anticipating your needs as we serve you. Give us a try and feel free to ping me with questions/thoughts!