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Niv Dror
@nivo0o0 · Words @ProductHunt & @AngelList
With Post a Pad on PadMapper, anyone can list a room, sublease a space, or rent an entire apartment right from their phone. 💫
Ina Herlihy@inaherlihy · Growth, Zumper
Ina from Zumper/PadMapper here! I'm super excited about this PadMapper app update, because now anyone can post a room for rent. You don't have to be a broker or professional landlord. We're verifying identities via Facebook login and our new security algorithm.
Daniel Singer@danielsing3r · X6 Fleet Manager at @pandastartup 🐼
@inaherlihy Love this Ina! Hopefully less "room for rent" posts on FB from now on and they go to Padmapper! Is this coming to Zumper soon?
Ally Greer@allygreer · Zumper & PadMapper
@danielsing3r @inaherlihy Jumpin' in here! Everything that's posted via Post a Pad will appear in search results on both Zumper and PadMapper. :) Thanks for the love!
Daniel Singer@danielsing3r · X6 Fleet Manager at @pandastartup 🐼
@allygreer @inaherlihy Can I post from zumper though?
Ally Greer@allygreer · Zumper & PadMapper
@danielsing3r @inaherlihy Not at the moment.
Ina Herlihy@inaherlihy · Growth, Zumper
@danielsing3r Anything posted on PadMapper also posts to Zumper!
Daniel Singer@danielsing3r · X6 Fleet Manager at @pandastartup 🐼
@allygreer @inaherlihy any specific strategy reason for this? just curious how you distinguish between the two platforms.
Ally Greer@allygreer · Zumper & PadMapper
@danielsing3r @inaherlihy Of course - great questions! It's mostly related to the respective demographics of the apps as well as enabling them to continue providing unique value rather than turning them into the same exact thing. Zumper has historically featured more higher-end luxury properties as well as listings in lower price ranges. On the other hand, PadMapper has been more of a scrappy site for college students and people looking for cheaper places to live. Posting directly to Zumper is right now focused on verified landlords for this reason, even though the PaP listings will appear there as well (but are noted as such). Hope that makes sense!
Jeffrey Blank Ouyang@jeffrey_blank_ouyang · Weave
Love it!
Jack Smith@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
what's the thought process for developing duplicate features on the padmapper and zumper platforms vs just encouraging people to post on Zumper? is it because they both have different audiences/brand recognition and some padmapper members don't know what zumper is?
Ina Herlihy@inaherlihy · Growth, Zumper
@_jacksmith You're right - they both have different audiences! We want to provide great product experience for both groups.
Jessica Weisz@jess_at_soapbox · Looking for things that make me smile
What cities are you guys going to target?