PadMapper 2.0

The apartment search engine. Now with a new design & more. 🏘

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I remember using PadMapper when I first moved to SF 6 years ago. The map search blew CL out of the water. Cool to see PadMapper being fostered at Zumper :) Refreshed design is πŸ‘Œ especially on mobile (yea!). Looks like you can log into Zumper with PM and search is like 100x more featured and robust too, plus credit checks, which: duh.
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@thetylerhayes been a huge fan of the zumper design team improving padmapper over the past few months. They're kicking ass! Congrats everyone!
PadMapper is great. Huge design improvement, but I can't take that frog mascot seriously. 😁
I thought Craigslist sued you guys out of existence? Hands down, this is THE BEST apartment listing platform! @thetylerhayes @anthemos @ywplee @eric_dementhon
Well done! Love the new UI.