A modern, open source password manager for everyone.

Padlock is a modern, open source password manager with a focus on transparency, security and usability. Try it now for free and discover a new, delightfully simple way to manage your passwords!

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25 Reviews5.0/5

Veteran user, since first version of software. Its the ultimate password/key management tool and last you'll need. On top of all, this fabulous ultimate software is free for use and cloud sync is super cheap.

I still think author should allow users to be able to opt to trade some of security for comfort by implementing support for Touch ID and option for users to enable it.

Ivan Nikolić has used this product for more than 5 years on most of platforms in parallel (iPhone, Android, Windows/Chrome).


Truly a gem - cross-platform, open-source, minimalistic, great security, cloud sync, free


Lack of Touch-ID support on iPhone

🙏 Please enable Touch ID
Touch ID would be awesome!
Greetings Fellow Hunters! We're so excited to be on Product Hunt again! Padlock has come a long way since it was first featured on Product Hunt 2 years ago. Padlock 2 features an all new design and user experience, new functionality and a ton of improvements under the hood! For those of you who aren't familiar with it yet, here is a short summary on what Padlock is all about: While other products like to define themselves by their number of features, we believe that user experience can’t be be measured by the number of checkmarks on a feature list. So what does Padlock bring to the table? We believe its value can be summarised in three words: Simple - We value simplicity and ease-of-use over “feature-completeness”. Padlock focusses on the essential, and the resulting user-experience speaks for itself. Secure - Padlock takes a pragmatic approach to security. Our security layer is build on a rock solid, battle tested encryption scheme that exposes a minimal attack surface and is easy to implement, maintain and audit. Open - We believe that transparency is the best foundation for trust so we are building Padlock completely out in the open. Our source code is developed under an open source licence so any one can review it, provide feedback and offer contributions at any time. Padlock is available for free on all major platforms so don't take our word for it - try it yourself and tell us what you think!

I packaged it in a Docker image and hosted in LightSail in AWS, but now I started using their SaaS, since it's cheaper. I value their vision of open-source.


It's open source. You can host it yourself.


None that I'm aware of. It works even without Google Play Services.

Would love to see syncing via LAN or some other alternative to the cloud.

Padlock is one of the first apps I install on my devices, because it makes my life so much easier. I can’t imagine a day without Padlock the same way I can’t imagine a day without my address book.


open source, clean interface, straight development, great sync


I don’t know.