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What’s up, everyone? I’m Brian Powers, founder of PactSafe. By 2020, more than 450 billion digital transactions (esignature, ecommerce click-throughs, etc.) will happen daily. We built PactSafe because there is a huge gap in the market for high tech companies tracking the digital transactions that happen when you agree to legal contracts inside of web forms and mobile apps. There’s no dashboards, analytics, or developer tools that make it easy to present these contracts and ultimately make them super easy to prove when your company gets into legal trouble (spoiler: you will have legal trouble if you experience any growth). Add to that the fact that more and more agreements are being executed with a checkbox than ever, and we have a sizable opportunity! So we embed, execute, and track these agreements for you. Startups love it, lawyers love it, and developers love it. PactSafe makes it super easy, and we’re here to answer your questions and get your feedback on the product. I’m here with my COO and head of Product Eric Prugh, so fire away! Thank you so much! Brian
Hey there, PH! We do get questions around the most common uses of the product so I thought I'd share... - Tracking new free trial signups when they agree to your TOS & Privacy Policy - Tracking acceptance of Refund Policy when making a purchase on an ecommerce site - Your customers giving consent to the new EU Model Contract Clauses due to the Safe Harbor repeal - Sending a new employee to a form to accept Employment Agreement, Sexual Harassment Policy, and Drug Policy Embed the PactSafe Vault (Javascript or REST API) into any form and we'll present the agreement and capture acceptance for easy certification through our dashboard. Easy peazy! Let me know what questions you have! Thanks, e
Just saw you guys pitch at the Accelerprise 3 demo day. Congrats! One thing that was in your pitch that would be helpful here is a view of the dashboard. Visualizing your value prop there re: a simple editor and version management is really powerful. This is definitely a huge space that startups are just starting to figure out how to tackle. I think we'll be seeing a lot more entrants here in the near future, but PactSafe has a solid lead. (Did you guys really sign LegalZoom?!?!?)
Thanks Elisa. We think it's a huge gap too. We have a VP of LegalZoom on our advisory board but don't have them as a customer quite yet! Would love to chat more in person! You can reach out to me or Brian directly with your contact details at! Thanks!