A simple, easy to use packing list for each trip ✈️

Packr creates a packing checklist for your suitcase from 24 pre-defined activities.

Based on length of stay, weather and planned activities, your packing list will be ready in no time. This is the perfect tool for your skiing vacation, summer holidays, long week-ends, road trips and even camping.

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Great job !! Super useful and handy 😊
Not sure why I bought this when I already had Packpoint. This app seems almost exactly the same in terms of UX. The only difference I see is the ability to add more icons, but beyond that looks eerily similar.
@codymclain thanks for noticing. These guys totally ripped off PackPoint. They even stole the language translation, verbatim, from PackPoint. Source: The PackPoint PM is my brother.
@raygwater There aren't 1000 ways to design an iPhone app, the screen is so small, the UX team must design easy to use and comprehensible layouts. Some views might be similar to Packpoint, to Packing Pro, to Triplist, yet again you could find similarities between Packr and the iOS Notes app. As for the language translations, NO we didn't steal it from Packpoint, first of all Packpoint isn't available in French, Packr is. Moreover if you compare languages available in Packpoint and Packr, they are different. If we had stolen translations from Packpoint, we might as well have released in the same languages. Packr was designed with the trip photo, weather and packing list in mind. Not stealing another app's design. @codymclain I agree with you, if you already own Packpoint, it isn't necessary to purchase Packr. Please contact me in private for a refund.
@jkleroy I'm the maker of PackPoint. You stole everything but PackPoint's UI and added French (your website says you're based in France, so it seems reasonable for you to add French). You stole the primary mechanisms of the UX, the exact wording for many features, buttons, packing list items, and you copied the business model (including even the app title in the app store for both the freemium and paid versions). I've spoken with a legal rep at Apple and am working to get Packr removed from the App Store. Some say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but you are actively earning revenue on something that you didn't create on your own so I'm not that flattered after all. I will reach out to Product Hunt as well to see about getting this post removed so you don't receive any further undue attention, positive or negative.
@rrhoover any advice here with regards to copy cat apps being on PH?
I bought Packpoint and never used it. When I saw this post, I did think it was a new release of the app I purchased 3-4 years ago. Doesn't seem like a straight ripoff to me. And, whatever they may have appropriated from the Packpoint concept, they've done a much better job with their business model. 4.5 stars with nearly 1000 reviews? Packpoint doesn't even have a star breakdown on the app store page. Just feels a little like sour grapes to me to come here and rag on a competitor, especially from an app that hasn't had an update for nearly a year.
Sounds interesting
I could see using this a lot. Congrats..!
Like this app a lot, could do with UK based terminology but that’s a minor quibble. Bought the full version, super value for £1.99
@stevenlaw Thank you for the suggestion. We weren't sure UK users would need this but one customer's request is enough to put this feature on the to-do list.