Create custom packaging in 3D and order in low volume

PackMojo makes it easy for anyone to get custom packaging in low volume. Through the platform, users can design their packaging online, preview it in 3D, order in low volume starting from 30 boxes, and receive their order in 2 weeks.
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Hi guys! We're so excited to announce that our 3D Packaging Designer is now live! With the platform, anyone can design their packaging online, preview it in 3D, order in low volume (MOQsof 30!), and receive your order in just 2 weeks. Our team has worked round the clock over the last few months and we're happy to be finally sharing this with you all. Huge thank you to everyone who has supported us on this journey. Please have a play with the designer and share any feedback you have with us! We'll continue to add new functionality and features as we go, and we're always trying to improve our product and service offering. Have fun, and #UnpackYourMojo today.
@wendychan15 Congrats on the launch Wendy!
@choco_chu Thanks Choco!
PackMojo is a very nice and wonderful program. This program can be made beautiful 3D models. @basketballlegends
Congrats with the launching! I'd love to see PackMojo in the Awesome Design Tools list over GitHub, it can give you additional users & traffic. Just send a Pull Request:
Thanks for this wonderful introduction. PackMojo is a great program. @baslegendsclub
Congrats on launching Wendy and Vincent! The 3D design tool is looking great, nice work.
@fishsander Thanks so much Sander!
What's the international shipping fee? I searched the help section but couldn't find
@footer Thanks for your message! This will be dependent on the quantity and weight of your order, along with location. If you click through the platform you'll reach the shipping and payment page where you'll see shipping fees. You can also message us on the web chat and we'll respond to you there! :)
@wendychan15 Thank you. I will suggest a simple 'shipping fee calculator' as for me that lives in the Netherlands shipping could be very expensiveso I'd like to know that beforehand
@footer Thanks for the feedback! That's something we completely understand will be useful and are looking into! :)