Customize and order packaging in 3D

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Hey everyone, I'm a huge Product Hunt fan and thrilled to have Packlane featured on the website today! Would love to hear any feedback or questions you have about the service and thanks so much for your support!
Nick Carson
Nick Carson@skrypt · Founder @Pakible
Howie Liu
Howie LiuHiring@howietl · Cofounder, CEO @ Airtable
Absolutely love this! The 3d interactive previews are awesome. I was actually about to put together some "schwag kits" for our most loyal customers...
Sean Wiese
Sean Wiese@dswiese · Hustling @portland_food_events
Curious to hear what is your target market, and the technical or logistical advantages you are bringing to the table.
@dswiese Sure thing. Target market is small business entrepreneurs and design creatives. Packlane streamlines the process in several ways. We automate the pre-press work that's traditionally involved with creating custom packaging, thus eliminating the overhead costs (and wait time) for preparing artwork or a PDF proof. We automatically detect which printing method to use based on the quantity and the design specifications, and then once we get an order we dispatch it to the best supplier nearest to the customer in order to save on shipping costs. Another goal is to make a wider variety of customizable stock packaging designs more accessible to people who can't order high volumes of a particular style.