Packhelp AR Mobile App

Design your custom packaging using ARKit

We've created AR Mobile App as one of the most challenging problems we had here at Packhelp was how to help our customers better measure packaging before making a purchase. With AR it is so easy to precisely fit and compare your products with our packaging, without the need of ordering samples. You can also easily see your box design come to life.

  • Tomek Jurek
    Tomek an IT Recruitment Platform

    The app allows you to see different designs and prices for different box sizes


    You can't make an order through the app

    I was looking for a simple way to order different kinds of customized boxes in small volumes. Printing is an "old" business, where things like mobile apps or even proper customer service for smaller clients is not easy to come across. These guys make it more accessible for the little guy.

    Tomek Jurek has used this product for one week.
  • Bartosz Hernas
    Bartosz HernasFounder of &

    You can easily check if object fit in your custom designed package. You can also experience your design in AR testing how it will look


    Sometimes it cannot find surface (probably Apple ARKit issue)

    Guys from PackHelp are doing exceptional work!

    Bartosz Hernas has used this product for one day.
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Konrad Kwiatkowski
Konrad KwiatkowskiMaker@konrad_kwiatkowski · Marketing Manager @ Packhelp
Hey! At Packhelp we've just published our AR Mobile App for iOS. We encourage everyone to check it out! It makes use of AR technology included in iOS 11 to display our products in augmented reality. You can literally place a box on your desk and view it from all angles. To us the possibilities of ARKit are mind-blowing and we can't wait to see how other companies are going to use it. It's really important to us as one of the most challenging problems we had was how to help our customers better measure our products before making a purchase. They ask us a lot about it and we tend to send them samples, which is completely inefficient: it's capital and time consuming. You can use our app to pick the right size of packaging thanks to its semi-transparent mode (see it in action in the video below). You can also log in to visualise your own design from our web-app. :)
David Ryan
David Ryan@davedri · Creator of Corilla.
Congrats team. Shout out to fellow NUMA alumni @patrykkabaj. Really awesome to see this coming out so quickly, and it absolutely makes sense (and kind of blows my mind how much power we have at our fingertips from ARKit already!). Outside of the AR view to help fit products to your package sizing, what other ideas do you have for the app? Any integrated ordering flow?
Patryk Kabaj
Patryk KabajMaker@patrykkabaj
@davedri Hey, we're definitely thinking of introducing features such as Order Progress Tracking or Reorder functionality. We'll be soon working on the Android version. We're now looking into our clients' feedback and we'll decide what's going to be next. Thanks for the shout out @davedri :)
Mateusz Max Skoneczny
Mateusz Max Skoneczny@mateusz_max_skoneczny
This app is sick!!! Just love it!
Łukasz Nowacki
Łukasz Nowacki@luknowac · Head of PMO @
Finally, the AR product that solves the real problem. Bravo!
Konrad Latkowski
Konrad Latkowski@ksy ·
I ordered more than one box from Packhelp, but with AR it will be much more fun :)))
Krzysztof Śmiałowski
Krzysztof Śmiałowski@ksmialowski · Founder of Replaio Radio App
Love this app! Great idea!