Increase your app's download speeds by 2-10x (for real)

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I was very skeptical about PacketZoom until @johnpjoseph showed me a demo. I’ll let him and @IAmChetanAhuja describe the tech but anyone that delivers large images, videos, game content, etc. via a mobile app should take a look. Here’s a demo of Expedia with and without PacketZoom:
So, one other thing - speed for end users is actually a couple of things in my opinion. Actual throughput is what most people thing of as speed. There's at least one other component to a users perception of speed on mobile. It's what happens when you move between networks (wifi -> LTE, 3G->wifi, going through a deadspot etc. When that happens today, the download fails because the device gets a new IP and the server might have a sent 90% of the file, but then doesn't know what happens. End user experience sucks when that happens. Here's what happens in that situation with PacketZoom (video):
Hope that wasn't too 'marketing-y' but it's a pretty cool feature in my opinion.
Hi Product Hunt! We're happy to answer any questions that you have about what we're doing. What we've build is a protocol based technology service for native mobile apps. Our premise is that http/tcp is fine for a lot of things generally does a bad job at handling the realities of native mobile. Basically, you drop in our SDK any time your app makes a request for content, our tech will fetch it for you a lot faster than is possible with the legacy stack. We've been working hard on this for a while now, and have had apps from our private beta in production for over a year, so we know that the tech is solid and the speedup is real. I'll be around - happy to dive into any questions. Product Hunters get 3x our launch special (normal free tier is 500 DAU, Launch special is 2500, Hunters is 7500).
@johnpjoseph Hi John, this looks nice ! Is there a page where we can have a look at the documentation for the SDK integration? I usually have a look at it before downloading :-) Maybe I missed it on the site? Best for your launch
@aswiniarski Hi Arthur, Thanks! There's an integration video on the 'Learn" page of the website that takes you through the entire integration. We also built out an integration console, Step 1 is the 'download the SDK, step 2 shows you all the things you need to do" but to see it you have to have already downloaded. Would the video be sufficient?
@johnpjoseph Hi John, one of your promo tweets is: "@PacketZoom says their SDK integration is drag and drop, gonna find out soon" The way Twitter works, only people who follow @PacketZoom will see this tweet in their timelines. For everyone to see it, there needs to be a character before the @. You should update any tweet that starts with your handle to have a . before the @ so you don't lose out on this viral opportunity.
@PacketZoom @decktonic Thanks! I'll get that pushed asap.
@johnpjoseph finally you launched :)
This looks very interesting. I'm a bit concerned about introducing a low level networking sdk/lib to a product that's NOT open source. You're touching a very fundamental part of what most apps will be doing, networking. Since this is not an apple/android native framework/lib, its just not something I would introduce into an app/product lightly without knowing what the status of the source is. Case in point what happened with FoudnationDB recently being shut down after being acquired. Still very interested int the product. Definitely looks very interesting :)
@harisamin That's a fair point Haris. So far we haven't opened up the actual SDK. I can tell you that we are not doing anything weird (only using approved APIs from the OS). We did build in a feature to address exactly the concern of 'what happens if you get hit by a meteor?" We call it 'Fail Forward" - basically whenever the app is launched, we send a packet to our closest PacketZoom server and until we get a response (server is here, healthy etc), the SDK doesn't do anything; any request would fall to http naturally if we don't actively intercept it. Worst case scenario is that the app behaves as it does today.
As a potential enterprise customer in mobile games, it looks like an obvious win, but there's a few things that would make me a little hesitant to reach out. One is the lack of transparent pricing information, there's a free tier and then a custom tier. The free tier seems quite low and the absence of a mid-range tier just makes me wonder how expensive it is (check out Localytics for an example of free, mid, and custom pricing). Two, the demo videos are compelling, but why aren't they actual customers yet if it works as well as it shows? Those two points combined led to an assumption (potentially a wrong one) that those companies passed because the value to cost ratio simply didn't work out.
@seanacres Hi Sean, Regarding pricing - we've realized over the last year that having a flat rate style pricing on the website is challenging - every app, at scale has different needs. You can imagine an app that does 300 MB /day of content would have a cost profile that's pretty different than one that does 2 MB/day. Rather than show something that doesn't work for either end of the spectrum, or turns off smaller devs, we opted to give a way a fair bit and if volume goes up (or your testing goes well and want more) then you can talk to us. Re. the videos, we wanted to showcase what we can do based on apps that we think are doing a lot of things right with regards to performance. We put testimonials up on our website from customers. We're a pretty small team, with a limited BD team, so getting into larger enterprises has been a lower priority for us until now (given the naturally longer sales cycles) than proving out the tech with "true believers". Unfortunately I really can't comment on the names of companies who we're currently negotiating contracts with until they are signed.