Increase your app's download speeds by 2-10x (for real)



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Ryan Hoover — Founder, Product Hunt
I was very skeptical about PacketZoom until @johnpjoseph showed me a demo. I’ll let him and @IAmChetanAhuja describe the tech but anyone that delivers large images, videos, game content, etc. via a mobile app should take a look. Here’s a demo of Expedia with and without PacketZoom:

John P. Joseph — COO/Founder, PacketZoom
So, one other thing - speed for end users is actually a couple of things in my opinion. Actual throughput is what most people thing of as speed.

There's at least one other component to a users perception of speed on mobile. It's what happens when you move between networks (wifi -> LTE, 3G->wifi, going through a deadspot etc. When that happens today, the download fails because the device gets a new IP and the server might have a sent 90% of the file, but then doesn't know what happens.

End user experience sucks when that happens.

Here's what happens in that situation with PacketZoom (video):

Hope that wasn't too 'marketing-y' but it's a pretty cool feature in my opinion.
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