Increase your app's download speeds by 2-10x (for real)

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Chetan Ahuja
@iamchetanahuja · CEO/CTO Packetzoom
Hi Joshua, Contact us on support@packetzoom.com and we'll work something out :-)


Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
I was very skeptical about PacketZoom until @johnpjoseph showed me a demo. I’ll let him and @IAmChetanAhuja describe the tech but anyone that delivers large images, videos, game content, etc. via a mobile app should take a look. Here’s a demo of Expedia with and without PacketZoom: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YH_aRTFaAVg
John P. Joseph
@johnpjoseph · COO/Founder, PacketZoom
So, one other thing - speed for end users is actually a couple of things in my opinion. Actual throughput is what most people thing of as speed. There's at least one other component to a users perception of speed on mobile. It's what happens when you move between networks (wifi -> LTE, 3G->wifi, going through a deadspot etc. When that happens toda… See more
John P. Joseph
@johnpjoseph · COO/Founder, PacketZoom
Hi Product Hunt! We're happy to answer any questions that you have about what we're doing. What we've build is a protocol based technology service for native mobile apps. Our premise is that http/tcp is fine for a lot of things generally does a bad job at handling the realities of native mobile. Basically, you drop in our SDK any time your app makes … See more
Haris Amin
@harisamin · co-CTO, Idea Monster
This looks very interesting. I'm a bit concerned about introducing a low level networking sdk/lib to a product that's NOT open source. You're touching a very fundamental part of what most apps will be doing, networking. Since this is not an apple/android native framework/lib, its just not something I would introduce into an app/product lightly without knowin… See more
Sean Acres
@seanacres · Founder & CEO at Wave
As a potential enterprise customer in mobile games, it looks like an obvious win, but there's a few things that would make me a little hesitant to reach out. One is the lack of transparent pricing information, there's a free tier and then a custom tier. The free tier seems quite low and the absence of a mid-range tier just makes me wonder how expensive it … See more