Collect mailing addresses for holiday cards (& other stuff)

PackBurro helps you collect and update mailing addresses, and lets you export your list in multiple formats so that you can use your addresses anywhere. It’s especially handy for big mailings like holiday cards and wedding invitations, or to remember birthdays year-round.

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Kate Hopkins
B2B SaaS and real mail
Kate from PackBurro here! I love real mail, and I believe it should be easier to send physical things to people you keep track of digitally. So, I taught myself to code (a bit) and got lots of help from @kdawkins to build PackBurro. PackBurro is a free address book and birthday tracker. Like some similar products out there, it’s great for holiday cards and wedding mailings, but here’s what I think makes our address book special: 1) PackBurro is retailer agnostic—use your addresses anywhere. So far, you can export your addresses in 5 different CSV formats (each for envelope addressing at a different card company). 2) We’ve planned for updates—we flag when an address was entered, make it easy to ask for updates, and make sure that updates flow through networks of friends. 3) PackBurro lets you control how you share your address—we offer a return address to friends who give you theirs (if you want), and we let you see and edit everyone who currently has your address. I'd love your feedback, I'm at!