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Since posting Pacifica back when it first got started (, the makers have pivoted to focusing more on being a community than a set of tools. (So they went from being more like Calm to more like Reddit--if Reddit were a center of positivity and support.) I'm excited to announce this change, as I think the mental health community needs something like this.
@kikischirr Thanks so much Kiki! The past few months have been incredible, over 225k people have registered for Pacifica since we were on PH four months ago. We're excited to show everyone a massive iteration that we've been working on. Pacifica still contains all of the mood and health trackers, relaxation exercises, mindfulness meditations, thought analyses, and daily goals that it used to, but the new groups and communities provide an additional outlet for peer support.
Love the new community-focused Pacifica.
@kikischirr I have been using this app since the first time you posted, not as regularly as I should, but I have to say it is a great balance of tools and community. I will be super vocal about business, products, but not my about personal things. Pacifica is helpful without being intrusive. Love it keep up the great work!
@vbarnett323 I'm so glad that it's been working for you! :D I think we all need something like this, from time to time.