Paceroo improves the speed and quality of your runs and races. It calculates the optimal pace for the distance you want to run and lets you know in real time whether you are on pace, going too slow, or too fast. It also has a progress graph which shows your progress over time regardless of the distances you run. Higher score = faster you!

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Love that somebody is trying something new in a market dominated by a few big players! So great work @andrei_istoc! However the app does seem to focus quite a bit on looking on the screen during a run, which is something I personally never do.
@ernstmul Thank you so much for the feedback! I wanted to add audio feedback to the app anyway. Do you think that would be better for you?
@andrei_istoc yes that would work for me! The challenge here lies in how often you give feedback to the runner. You don't want to here "slower" or "faster" every 10 seconds. Maybe something like "Your average pace for the last x km (or meter) has been 4:30min/km, accelerate to 4:20min/km for the next x km to get your average corrected". And then let the user decide what x is, or make an algorithm that conveniently decides about x.
@ernstmul That's pretty much what I had in mind. I'd like to make it as seamless and useful as possible for the runner. Thank you for taking the time to respond!
@andrei_istoc let me know if you need feedback on a beta. Happy to help/test during my runs!