DJ with Artificial Intelligence from your Spotify

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This is suuuuuper cool. I love that you can mix any song on Spotify, unlike other DJ iPhone apps I've played with. I just made this Bieber x Gambino mix: 🎶🔥
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@rrhoover ahhh This would go so viral if we could listen to the track straight away.
Hey product hunters! We at Pacemaker got a smashing new release for you. Get ready to mashup 30 million tracks with Pacemaker+ Today we’re taking our iPhone app to an un-matched level and introduces a set of powerful features called Pacemaker+. Powered by our AI DJ technology, anyone can now create and share seamless, pro-level DJ mixtapes and mashups, using Spotify’s vast 30 million track catalogue Engadget just wrote “Pacemaker+ makes your mixes better and easier to share” Pacemaker’s patented a file format called Metamix, solves the legal issues tied to music licensing seen in traditional mix making. It does not require downloading files and allows for social sharing of mixtapes. Supporting the launch is Jay-Z’s legendary audio engineer Young Guru with his Pacemaker+ mixtape that complements Legendary Pictures' Kong Skull Island.
Disappointing to see no Android support
Can't wait to hear my DJ friends bitch n moan more about how technology is ruining an art
I love pacemaker. I have a lot of app for making music but pacemaker is awesome for going for a walk and mix your music on the go. pretty sweet.