Pacemaker 2.0

Create and share mixtapes with friends

Pacemaker is a poweful mixtape builder that integrates directly with Spotify, so you can curate your favorite songs and blend them together for the ultimate listening experience, or browse other expert mixtapes.

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It's so peculiar to me that Apple's featured this app so much in the app store yet it still isn't compatible with Apple Music, why?
@henkholveck in my experience Apple feature great products. Period. And since there's currently no djing API available for  Music, it's impossible for us and everyone else to create a mixing experience for the service. As soon as there's an API available we'll be quick to integrate and bring the full Pacemaker experience to all  Music users. Stay tuned.
You can read the coverage on The Verge: Pacemaker lets you create and share mixtapes made with Spotify streams" What I find interesting is this: To avoid any potential copyright issues, Pacemaker will share the recipe, or the metadata containing how to put the tracks together, rather than the actual tracks. Since the new digital mixtape features will only work with music from Spotify, Pacemaker can stream them again (and generate more revenue for Spotify) when someone else plays your mix.
@bentossell it's kind of cool right? In a world of music streaming, there's no need to save the mix as a file. Also Pacemaker is on the leading edge of a very big transformation: music as a platform. A platform for third party developers to create experiences on top of. Music Tech is going to be a whole lot cheaper and it's going to be a great motivation for people to pay for music streaming. It's Music 2.0.
Super cool. I wish you had an Android V! When is it coming out?
The part I find the most interesting is the usage of the metadata to create the track. Very cool stuff 👌
Gorgeous. Very, very, ridiculously, gorgeous-looking. @pacemaker @oberglof @jonorberg @bentossell