Pacemaker 2.0

Create and share mixtapes with friends


Henk Holveck
@henkholveck · Supreme leader of Haus of Holveck
It's so peculiar to me that Apple's featured this app so much in the app store yet it still isn't compatible with Apple Music, why?
Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
You can read the coverage on The Verge: Pacemaker lets you create and share mixtapes made with Spotify streams" What I find interesting is this: To avoid any potential copyright issues, Pacemaker will share the recipe, or the metadata containing how to put the tracks together, rather than the actual tracks. Since the new digital mixtape features will only w… See more
Tyson Ferguson
@whattheferguson · Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer @ Clyp
The part I find the most interesting is the usage of the metadata to create the track. Very cool stuff 👌
Elizabeth S Hunker
@elizabethhunker · EIR @ vLAB
Gorgeous. Very, very, ridiculously, gorgeous-looking. @pacemaker @oberglof @jonorberg @bentossell
Ryan Edsall
@rezn · indie games, apps & chats about them
Happy to have had a chance to beta test this one. I still miss Pacemaker for PlayBook. But maybe one day I will get it on my computer.