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#4 Product of the DayMarch 28, 2014
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This looks fun. @alexbaldwin, @staringispolite, @kellymcgrath - what do you think of this, my DJ friends?
The DJs I know have wanted something like this for a while but want it to connect to more Pro level gear like Serato.
@rrhoover if i could hook this into my equipment it would be the best party ever.
I have a visceral reaction against nickel-and-diming on the app store this way (buy before you try, in this case for FX) and I don't have any music bought in Spotify or iTunes so I gain nothing from its integrations. But I ignored that to try it out... the app requires a front-facing camera which my iPad doesn't have. LOL. Guess I'm destined not to try it. The app seems cool for beginners whose music is in their Spotify or iPad. I think if I were using it, I wouldn't want the fancy animated (and thus slow) FX selection mechanic they seem to have
@kellymcgrath I guess one thing to do would be to use it as a whole 2nd setup, if your mixer has enough inputs to support that.