Beautifully accelerates your songs to match your steps πŸƒπŸΌ

What's the difference with Weav Run app?
@arif_aze Hey Arif! To answer your question, Weav Run is one of those apps that I mentioned earlier that selects music for you and doesn't give you much control over what you want to listen to. PaceCoach, on the other hand, lets you adjust the tempo of any of Spotify's 30+ million songs as well as any music that you have stored on your iPhone. We feel that this gives users the control that they need, as songs that you know and love are much more motivating than songs that you've never heard before! Thanks for checking us out and feel free to let me know if you have any follow-up questions. Hope you found this response helpful!
@philiparpin Thanks a lot for answer!
@philiparpin @arif_aze Well. This makes a lot of sense.
Hey Product Hunters, Today, we're announcing the launch of PaceCoach - an app that adjusts the tempo of your music to your running pace. PaceCoach works with all music stored locally as well as any of Spotify's 30+ million songs streamed with a Spotify Premium Account. While our competitors insist on creating apps that feed you songs, we feel that the best way to run is to your own music that you already know and love. With PaceCoach, we give you two options to adjust the tempo. The first option allows you to set the tempo that you want to run to so that you can target a pace that encourages you to run your fastest for the longest period of time. The second option comes in the form of our "Pace Detect" feature which lets us automatically match your songs tempo with the pace you're running to based on your cadence. With Pace Detect, all you have to do run. That's it. We plan on switching to a subscription model soon so Product Hunters get priority access as PaceCoach is currently free to all. Hope some of you will give it a try. Happy to answer any questions here on PH. Cheers!
Do you have any Apple Watch integration? If so, do I still need to bring my phone while I go running with PaceCoach?
@malonehedges Hey Malone! Yes we do! We have an Apple Watch app that will allow you to control PaceCoach from your wrist. You can keep your phone safely in your armband or pocket and have access to all the controls from your watch! Unfortunately, at this time you will still need to bring your phone with you when running, as Apple Watch does not currently have the ability to stream music from Spotify. Hopefully this sufficiently answers your question, but if you need any further clarification, don’t hesitate to ask! :)
Just tried Weav run and didn't like it. While the music matched my pace, it was all new-agey with no lyrics. Trying Pace Coach next!
Really interesting app! But how is this different than Spotify Running?
@travelhead Hi Josh! Thanks for the kind words. Spotify Running doesn't adjust the tempo of your music, it simply picks and plays songs for you that have tempos that are similar to your running pace. Since we feel that the best and most motivating way to run is using your own music, we think that adjusting tempos using our advanced algorithms to keep songs from sounding distorted trumps Spotify's current offerings, while still providing the benefits of access to the 30+ million songs that they have in their music library. If you want any further details as to why we think our solution is superior to Spotify's, just ask!