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Joel Gascoigne — Co-founder/CEO, Buffer
You guys are so fast :) Excited to see Pablo on PH, what a privilege.

Images on social media are something we've been observing and making use of ourselves at Buffer for a long time now, and some time ago we published data about Tweets with images getting 150% more Retweets.

We wanted to help people benefit from images more easily by creating a tool with the same simplicity in mind that we often hear as a reason for people using Buffer for scheduling their posts. Here's our MVP :)

I've not been all that involved in Pablo, it's been an inspiring effort from @brian_lovin, @patrikward, @sahir_memon, @kevanlee and @leowid.

I must say, we still feel we're pre product / market fit (or at least not certain of the fit) with Pablo, and we're working hard to learn and move towards a great mini product people can get a lot of value from. We've done a lot of more private customer development and just today we decided to roll it out more widely and send some traffic from a few places in our app and on our blog, so we can give the product 'oxygen' and learn more.

I think you guys are probably the best group of people we could ask for help with getting Pablo to product / market fit. We'd love your thoughts on what we could improve, things that stand out, things that are missing or things we have that are unnecessary :)

Also, ask me anything! (update - heading to sleep now here in Sydney, my co-workers around the world will be checking the comments :)
Joao Carvalho — Head of Design & UX
@joelgascoigne Been looking for something like this, glad Buffer solved it :)

One suggestion/idea in terms of UX: give more CTA to the upload image button since I was searching for a way to upload a image and I confused the upload icon as a image himself.

Keep shipping!
Brian Lovin — Product Designer, Facebook
@joelgascoigne @johntheoak fixing this now! Thanks Joao :D
Thomas K. Running — Nomad, Teleport
@joelgascoigne @johntheoak I didn't see the upload icon at first either
Pedro — Co-founder @
@joelgascoigne Great name!
Dharmesh Shah — Founder and CTO, HubSpot
@brian_lovin @patrikward @sahir_memon @kevanlee @leowid @joelgascoigne Nicely done. I've tinkered with variations on this several times. Simple, but useful.
Brian Lovin — Product Designer, Facebook
@patrikward @sahir_memon @kevanlee @leowid @joelgascoigne @dharmesh thanks for the thoughts Dharmesh! Definitely give a shout if you have any ideas or feedback here :)
Ryan Hoover — Founder, Product Hunt
I've been waiting for the Buffer team to release something like this.

It's a good MVP and I'm looking forward to seeing how this is incorporated into the Buffer Chrome extension (a one-click option would be nice). While these artistic image + text photos are beautiful, in most situations I'd prefer to use a hero image pulled from the site I'm sharing or a screenshot of the page itself, similar to this tweet of mine. Is this something you're considering, @joelgascoigne?
Brian Lovin — Product Designer, Facebook
@joelgascoigne @rrhoover thanks Ryan! So glad to hear those ideas - integrating with an extension seems like a powerful next step if we're able to validate this product and reach P/M fit! I'll keep you posted :)
Derek Shanahan — Pub Strategy @ SuperRewards
@joelgascoigne @rrhoover @brian_lovin Would love a screenshot of the link I'm sharing. +1
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