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You guys are so fast :) Excited to see Pablo on PH, what a privilege. Images on social media are something we've been observing and making use of ourselves at Buffer for a long time now, and some time ago we published data about Tweets with images getting 150% more Retweets. We wanted to help people benefit from images more easily by creating a tool with the same simplicity in mind that we often hear as a reason for people using Buffer for scheduling their posts. Here's our MVP :) I've not been all that involved in Pablo, it's been an inspiring effort from @brian_lovin, @patrikward, @sahir_memon, @kevanlee and @leowid. I must say, we still feel we're pre product / market fit (or at least not certain of the fit) with Pablo, and we're working hard to learn and move towards a great mini product people can get a lot of value from. We've done a lot of more private customer development and just today we decided to roll it out more widely and send some traffic from a few places in our app and on our blog, so we can give the product 'oxygen' and learn more. I think you guys are probably the best group of people we could ask for help with getting Pablo to product / market fit. We'd love your thoughts on what we could improve, things that stand out, things that are missing or things we have that are unnecessary :) Also, ask me anything! (update - heading to sleep now here in Sydney, my co-workers around the world will be checking the comments :)
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@joelgascoigne Been looking for something like this, glad Buffer solved it :) One suggestion/idea in terms of UX: give more CTA to the upload image button since I was searching for a way to upload a image and I confused the upload icon as a image himself. Keep shipping!
@joelgascoigne @johntheoak fixing this now! Thanks Joao :D
@joelgascoigne @johntheoak I didn't see the upload icon at first either
@brian_lovin @patrikward @sahir_memon @kevanlee @leowid @joelgascoigne Nicely done. I've tinkered with variations on this several times. Simple, but useful.
I've been waiting for the Buffer team to release something like this. It's a good MVP and I'm looking forward to seeing how this is incorporated into the Buffer Chrome extension (a one-click option would be nice). While these artistic image + text photos are beautiful, in most situations I'd prefer to use a hero image pulled from the site I'm sharing or a screenshot of the page itself, similar to this tweet of mine. Is this something you're considering, @joelgascoigne?
@joelgascoigne @rrhoover thanks Ryan! So glad to hear those ideas - integrating with an extension seems like a powerful next step if we're able to validate this product and reach P/M fit! I'll keep you posted :)
@joelgascoigne @rrhoover @brian_lovin Would love a screenshot of the link I'm sharing. +1
This reminds me a lot of http://www.tryspruce.com/, have been using it a lot lately. Nice to see that buffer has something similar now!
@knoddecee Spruce is a wonderful product, they've done a lot of things really well! We're excited to build something that will work really well right alongside Buffer :)
@knoddecee looks exactly the same, down to the layout
@knoddecee @JeremyZ123 Yes, exact same layout. Would love to hear from Spruce creator @realscottmcleod
@knoddecee @brian_lovin Love seeing Spruce as an inspiration! Look forward to see you guys expand on helping creating and share better content online.
@knoddecee @realscottmcleod thanks for mentioning this! It's funny because we tried a few different layouts, but nothing felt right given screen sizes and the constrains of having a canvas + tools. I imagine the folks at Spruce went down some similar lines of design and we just came to the same conclusion about what *feels* best - definitely inspired by what Spruce has done though, so I definitely don't want it to seem like we're taking credit for a layout :)
So slick.
@marceglon Thanks Marc!!
Very nice idea :)
@jberrebi thanks Jeremie! We've discovered a lot of wonderful tools like this in the past few months but realized some of the potential there is to have this exist alongside Buffer! We're excited to see where things go from here :)