Follow the stocks you care about most and personalize your dashboard to stay to stay on top of the market.
Track multiple portfolios, stay up to date with daily news, view upcoming IPOs.
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9 Reviews5.0/5
Hey all, paaid is a completely free app to track stocks and follow the market. No subscription is required, premium features will be added in the future but the current feature-set will always be completely free. Any feedback is welcome, I hope you enjoy it.
Very cool! Love the UI/UX! Just installed.
Love this, Congrats on the launch
Loved the UI/UX, will definitely be using it 👾💜
Very impressed with the app! I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time! I would say look into adding stocks to your portfolio because some of the stocks are returning “No results found” when trying to add their symbol to my portfolio. Was trying to add $GNUS to my portfolio which is not returning results even tho it’s currently on the apps home screen as the top gainer of the day.
@michaeldelbrocco1 Thanks for that. Yes we noticed some stocks are missing, we are gonna switch to a new api provider soon actually.