JS library for creating graphic and interactive experiences

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Chris Messina
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It's based the principles of Processing and opens up web video and animation to some incredible possibilities!
ZachSoftware Engineering Intern, ClipMine
The cool animations behind the text on the main page make it a bit hard to read, but the rest looks great! I've got a friend interested in a project that could probably benefit from p5.js!
It's being developed really really fast paced, and indeed, it's core idea is to empower designers, artists and educators to learn and build with code, but in today's context rather than what was around when Processing debuted. It has been sometimes compared to processing.js (http://processingjs.org/), that let you write Processing (java based) code, and run it in the browser through its internal Javascript conversion and interpretations. That approach makes it really simple to port code –copy paste – from the IDE to the browser but has other limitations, most notably how you debug and the interactions with third-party libraries, a core principle that made Processing so powerful. It was initiated by John Resig, so you know it's well done. P5.js on the other hand is Javascript, so it integrates directly with every other Javascript program out there, and most notably, it has full access to the DOM, so manipulating DOM elements via P5, and P5 functions via DOM is straightforward. You write in Javascript, in a Processing-like syntax, but you cannot directly copy-paste code from one to the other, although structure and functions are very very similar. It was initially created by Lauren McCarthy and is now pushed by several developers with the support from the Processing Foundation and NYU's ITP Master program.
Laurent ThevenetTechnology Director @ R/GA Singapore
Combine Codepen and P5 and you get the fastest prototyping combo you can get for your experiential work.
Brad Yasar
It takes a whole life to become you!
@laurmccarthy nice work!
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