Stylish, functional women's laptop backpacks

At P.MAI. we believe looking polished should not come at the sacrifice of comfort. That’s why we've designed the perfect laptop backpack that combines the luxury of handbags with the utility of backpacks.



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Phuong MaiMaker@phuongmmai · Bag peddler @P.MAI
Hey Product Hunters! I'm Phuong, the founder of P.MAI (www.pmaibrand.com). For the longest time, I couldn't find a fashionable and functional work bag, and ended up physically suffering from my shoulder bag. Enter P.MAI. We're reinventing laptop backpacks for women. Our philosophy is simple: combine equal parts luxury and utility into bags that inspire women to feel their best. I believe that looking polished should not come at the sacrifice of comfort. We're offering $30 OFF all backpacks today only (1/26) for PH, just enter the code "PH30." And please let me know if you have any feedback/comments/questions! Thanks for checking us out! Phuong
Nicholas Sheriff@nicholassheriff · Founder, Sheriff Ventures
@phuongmmai Phuong is quite exceptional in her vision and execution of P.MAL, ...bumping into her at a coffee shop and hearing her story I'm convinced this is going to absolutely be the only laptop bag you'll ever need to own.
Phuong MaiMaker@phuongmmai · Bag peddler @P.MAI
@nicholassheriff wow thanks so much! Hope all is well with your incredible venture too!
Jack SmithHunter@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
P.MAI is redefining women's fashion, starting with backpacks. Founder, Phoung Mai, realized today’s stylish backpacks aren’t practical—and functional ones are too casual, masculine, sporty or ugly. She founded P.MAI to design the perfect bag, combining the craftsmanship of TUMI with the elegance of Prada. After crowdfunding pre-sales last year, they're officially launching this month in time for Valentine's Day.
Phuong MaiMaker@phuongmmai · Bag peddler @P.MAI
@_jacksmith Thanks so much for sharing us Jack!!
Andrew Lockhart@andrewlockhart · CEO and Cofounder, TinyRx
I've seen a few women wearing these around and they look awesome. My only beef is they don't make them for men...
Phuong MaiMaker@phuongmmai · Bag peddler @P.MAI
Thanks @andrewlockhart! We'll definitely keep men's bags in mind for the future :)
charles lee@chug2k · Co-Founder, CoderSchool
Hey, do you ship internationally?
Phuong MaiMaker@phuongmmai · Bag peddler @P.MAI
@chug2k Great question. Yes we do ship internationally!
Claude Forthomme@claudenougat · independent economist, writer
I love the look! Yes, women definitely need this combination of utility + luxury, makes one feel good! And sure, something like this should be made for men too. But again, I ask the same question as charles lee: do you ship internationally (I live in Europe)?
Phuong MaiMaker@phuongmmai · Bag peddler @P.MAI
@claudenougat thanks for the thoughtful note! Yes we absolutely ship internationally. We even did a recent blog post about a customer we met in Amsterdam: http://pmai.tumblr.com/post/1358...