The world's first automated puppy news generator

Hey PH community! We're very proud to present for you the Puppy Aggregation Widget Script - the world's first automated puppy news generator. It’s inspired by John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight episode this summer about the sad state of journalism today. Former Tribune Company C.E.O. Sam Zell famously told concerned staffers that once revenue is significant they can cover “puppies” (money making clickbait) and Iraq (serious topics). We at Socius understand viral content makes up a healthy portion of readers' daily interest, so we’ve automated it with P.A.W.S. Head over to our site, grab the code and paste it into whatever part of YOUR site you feel you want to induce tears of joy, cries of AWWWWW!!!! and generally break some hearts. Say F you to Sam by supporting this!
I think @lingscars can definitely relate to this.