Finally good cocktails at home (Kickstarter pre-launch)

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Brilliant idea, bit the price is waaay to high. The design also looks like something from the gift-shop.
150k is a pretty ambitious goal, but with 8k euros backed already since his launch today, he seems to be off to a good start. I'm not a real fan of these gimmicky bar devices - I feel like the home mixologist is a more educated beast these days, knows the recipe for a pisco sour (or can look it up) and has a shot measure that works just as well as the scale/app integration. I'm also wondering if there's a lag on the measuring to ensure the pour stops without too much of a delay.
Great product development, and brilliant interface. Probably the first time 'smart' glassware has done something truly useful. I agree you can do it yourself, but this is 100% convenient and allows you to have curated cocktail recipes (lots of online recipes are just bad). Only question is battery life and shelf life for the infrequent cocktail maker and cleaning. Maybe those are addressed on the site, but only watched demo video.
Love this idea - sounds awesome! Best of luck on the campaign.
This is so cool! ...but $124 for an early bird special?