Ozlo 2.0

The friendly assistant who can help you get things done

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Ozlo hits 2.0 and opens up for general access: Ozlo is ready to meet the world. He can help you with an ever-growing list of tasks. This release adds support for finding movies, theaters and tickets, and subscribing to notifications. Also, share things you find in Ozlo with friends more easily!
Hi everyone! I'm one of the co-founders at Ozlo. A lot has changed since May when we released Ozlo to a limited group of 10,000 users (many of them from PH). People asked us to teach Ozlo about more than just food and to make him more easily available, which is a bit part of what drove this release today. We've taught Ozlo to about the weather, recipes, news, movie showtimes, and even PokéStops. With our web release, you can use him now on any device and easily share links to Ozlo with your friends over messaging. It's really great for planning a night out together. Like this: https://www.ozlo.com/browse/593f... The market around us as changed a lot also! Google released their assistant, Samsung picked up Viv, and more. Just as assistants are becoming more important, most of them are now controlled by big companies that want to sell you some other product or service. We've always thought Ozlo would be most useful as an independent assistant that can get you the best answer possible, on matter the information source. This market change makes that event more important. Our goal is to make a friendly assistant that can be everywhere, know everything, and be used by everyone. We're excited for you to try him out on the web and tell us what you think!
Not a global launch? I want to use this! But, it's not in the UK appstore.
@gregjwww We haven't taught Ozlo about all the places in the EU yet. We're working on it!
Anyone can try Ozlo at www.ozlo.com! He only has data for the U.S. for now though.
I've been using Ozlo for a while and version 2.0 is fantastic! This is a great improvement to an already outstanding product. The hybrid button and text ability is spot on. I can't wait to see where Ozlo goes from here. Great job 👌