Video channel platform for creators

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Power to the creators and looks pretty slick! Curious to learn how OZ will get great creators on board. Can be challenging to simultaneously drive supply + large scale demand to generate enough incentive for creators to not focus on Youtube. edit: HT @andriheidar, the man with all Icelandic startup scene insights ;-)
@pieterpaul very excited to see OZ grow, an exceptional team behind this product, cc @gudjon and co. As far as I know the initial plan is to focus on up and coming bands on the supply site.
intense launch video. I was entertained but had no clue what the product does. surprised to see it so far at the bottom of PH
@shaanvp had the same. Enjoyable video, but a bit of a 'what did I just watch?'. Also their website doesn't really show the product/platform or 'How it works'. Could be early, but they've got decent amount of Twitter followers and activity + that video sort of indicates a past ultra early stage.