Oyster with Lumin

Oyster with Lumin, for better nighttime reading.

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Flux for mobile, nice! Wish this was an iOS feature so it could apply device-wide.
@bryantpeng Totally. After testing it for awhile at Oyster, I found myself wanting it across every app/browser for reading in bed.
@bryantpeng If you're jailbroken, there's a free official flux app that works wonderfully.
@escher0 @bryantpeng My phone isn't but I'd love that feature across iOS.
Hey Product Hunters! I wanted to share with you that today we’re introducing a new feature on Oyster—called Lumin—to make nighttime reading on your phones & tablets better. Here’s how it works: As the sun sets, Lumin gradually filters the blue light from your screen, replacing it with a warm, amber light. The result is a better reading experience, and better sleep. Turn it on once, and Lumin will always adjust to the perfect setting. We think that between Lumin and our other features, Oyster is the very best way to read ebooks—over both other apps and eInk. Give it a try and let us know what you think.
Congrats on the launch @allisonveronica and @cameronspickert! This is really cool. Out of curiosity, how does the technology work? Does it use sunset time information to dim accordingly, or does it detect the amount of light coming into the phone's ambient light sensor?
@mignano @allisonveronica Thanks, Mike! We're using SunCalc (https://github.com/mourner/suncalc) to figure out sunrise/sunset times based on the user's location. We talked about using the ambient light sensor, but unfortunately there's no public API for accessing it on iOS.
@allisonveronica sounds a lot like F.lux - which I loved on my jailbroken iPhone. So neat!
Awesome to see oyster continuously innovating :) Speaking of, if you 1are in nyc on June 24 and want to sign into our book club, let me and Allison know
Very cool. Flux has a permanent home on my mac.