Alternative to cash and POS in Nigeria 🇳🇬

OyaPay is turning smartphone into Payment and checkout tool in emerging markets starting from Nigeria. We help SMBs get paid and trade with their mobile phone while helping big retailers banish queue with our self-checkout solution

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Oyapay is a well designed product that can help anyone collect money and be paid in an easy manner too.

It helps to solve the challenges that POS introduced and mpre


A one in one replacement for POS


Will the market allow it to do its job?

@uxdzen 1. How does the app work? 2. What are your plans for getting rural-based traders to sign-up for the service? 3. How about the unbanked?
Hi Product Hunt, My name is Abdul and I'm the CEO of OyaPay. We are building the future of offline payments in emerging markets, starting from Nigeria. One of our goals is to empower the forgotten SMBs with solutions to get paid and trade with their mobile. More than 180 million micro and small merchants operate across the developing world While individually these businesses are small, their in influence within the global economy is significant: They transact over $6.5 trillion per year and interact with more than 4.5 billion customers every day. Because these merchants typically have thin margins, low-income customers, and small transaction value, little has been done to integrate them into the cashless economy. Given that fewer than 10% of SMBs in the developing world currently accept digital payments they represent $35 billion in missed revenue every year for financial service providers. That's why we've built OyaPay as a tool for them to accept mobile payment and trade. OyaPay also offers these merchants a way to accept orders ahead from their customers. Our mission is to help them increase their bottom line while accepting digital payment!
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Hassan how does Oyapay work?