The all-in-one workspace for your book notes

Oxity is a modern workspace designed to store and organise all your book notes – helping you to remember more of what you read and to create your best work with everything at hand.
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I'm Nino, the creator of Oxity 🖐 To give you some background, I'm an avid reader and note-taker. For quite a few years I've used The Notecard System (popularised by Ryan Holiday) to take, store and organise my book notes. Whilst it's a great system, it has some serious limitations. Firstly, it's a physical system requiring you to store your handwritten notes in actual boxes. This means accessing, searching, and organising your notes (especially on the go) is nothing short of a pain in the ass. Not to mention the constant worry of damage, loss, or theft. It also turns out that taking book notes in a Word or Google Doc, or even in something like Evernote has it's limitations. You can't provide context for your notes, and you can't do things like generate citations automatically. This is where Oxity comes in. It's an all-in-one workspace for your book notes. If you're into taking book notes I'd really appreciate your feedback. Thanks!
if you could somewhow sync with Kindle then this would be a gamechanger as the reader who highlights everything would find this amazing.
@zedsq That's definitely a feature I've been looking in to as there are plenty of people who highlight on a Kindle. Will let you know if/when it gets implemented.