OxeBox Digital Receipts API

Enable smart and interactive receipts with REST API

OxeBox platform enables developers building e-commerce solutions to generate & send digital receipts over email instead of setting up third-party library & email service provider integration. OxeBox API primarily solves these two problems by creating awesome bill receipts on-the-fly and delivering them to user's inbox.

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It's a great honour for us to be hunted on ProductHunt. OxeBox API is for all web developers building eCommerce websites out there! We spent the last couple of months building and testing it so that we could make generating and sending digital receipts easier than ever. We would love to hear your feedback!
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Will try out the dev API and post more.


Innovative concept, specially when we tend to loose receipts. Further the ink on printed receipts fade quickly and they cause paper wastage.


Will try out the dev API and post more.

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Thanks Sumeet for highlighting the benefits. Looking forward to your feedback and suggestions.
Nice one! Does it also keep track of incomings from receipts over time?
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@ramy_alkadhi Thanks a lot Ramy. Can you please explain what you mean by "keep track of incomings from receipts" ?
@manojgupta5 like can I see the total $ value of what receipts I've sent out and what has been paid?
@ramy_alkadhi We have a dedicated dashboard where you can see all the receipts sent along with engagement rate, but total $value of items sold etc is something we haven't build yet. Will be great if you could provide feedback on what features would you like to be a part of OxeBox dashboard. Thanks.
@manojgupta5 It currently is good I think, but adding in a calendar that tracks $ value is so important for me. I currently use an app called Alto, specifically for that. I pay for it.
@ramy_alkadhi Thanks for your feedback Ramy, will connect with you on this.