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#3 Product of the DayJuly 30, 2018

Collect and combine data about user behavior and ad costs with the information about offline from your CRM or ERP system, all in Google BigQuery.

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  • Anna BelousMarketing manager, Competera

    Easy to set-up, flexible integration covering a variety of sources, the highly-qualified team with broadening expertise


    At least basic web analytics understanding

    Owox BI enabled our company to build fully transparent and aggregated pipeline covering all the data sources with the following developing of marketing dashboards in Data Studio. Essential product for the majority of businesses demanding the end-to-end analytics.

    Anna Belous has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Easy install, professional technical support, nice pricing and free-version.


    Strong SQL knowledge is needed to prepare advanced marketing reports

    If you want to build a cloud data warehouse — Google BigQuery is the best tool for this. And OWOX BI — is the best tool for fast and high-quality integration Google BigQuery with most popular marketing services: google analytics, google and facebook ads, different CRM, email marketing and call-tracking systems.

    Dmitry Osiyuk has used this product for one year.


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Vlad FlaksMaker@vladflaks · CEO, OWOX
Hi ROI Hunters! Most marketing experts use Google Analytics. However, it’s hard to measure ROI for non-Google sources like Facebook, Criteo due to the lack of cost data. Today we introduce OWOX BI Pipeline, the easiest developer-free way to import all your campaign data into Google Analytics. Now you can measure ROI, ROAS, and CPA via Google Analytics and Data Studio for Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, AdRoll, Criteo, Twitter, Outbrain and many other campaigns. Activate your pipeline once and enjoy it forever, as we provide up to two cost data pipelines for free! Moreover, for those who get frustrated with Google Analytics limits and sampling, we provide 100% raw data export into Google BigQuery! Yes, you can get your Google Analytics in Google BigQuery in real time, without purchasing Google Analytics 360. OWOX BI is fully automated, secure, and keeps your data updated. We’re the world’s #3 Google Analytics Certified Partner, based on customers feedback. Feel free to use BIHUNT promo code to get a 50% discount on OWOX BI Basic plan for the current and the next months, and join 18,000+ OWOX BI users. In ROI we trust. Sincerely yours, Vlad Flaks.
Konstantin Cherviakov@konstantin_cherviakov
Hi guys, great to see you on PH. Do you plan to build one-click integrations with popular CRM solutions? For example: salesforce, pipedrive, zoho, etc.
Mariia BochevaMaker@mariia_bocheva · Head of Sales and Marketing
@konstantin_cherviakov , We're already working on the SalesForce integration and it should be available for the beta testing soon. You can see all features that have been submitted for the review here https://www.owox.com/c/2h7 and upvote them.
Арина Оголь@arinaogol · Marketers
It's really necessary for marketers I think
Mariia BochevaMaker@mariia_bocheva · Head of Sales and Marketing
@arinaogol , thank you. Feel free to ask questions, if you have any.
Elena Osadchaya@elena_osadchaya
How long does it take to get hit and session data?
Mariia BochevaMaker@mariia_bocheva · Head of Sales and Marketing
@elena_osadchaya , that's some geeky questions here :) The hit-level data will be available in Google BigQuery within 5 minutes. The session-level data will be collected and ready for the analysis within 24-36 hours.
Mariia BochevaMaker@mariia_bocheva · Head of Sales and Marketing
@elena_osadchaya , you're welcome :) Give it a try to get a 50% discount for the 1st month
Craig Teets@craig_teets
Hi there! Looks like pretty valuable tool. My question is can I match real sale reports with paid and delivered orders with Google Analytics?
Mariia BochevaMaker@mariia_bocheva · Head of Sales and Marketing
@craig_teets , thank you for the question. Yes, you can definitely do that with these simple steps: 1. Send your Google Analytics data to Google BigQuery with OWOX BI Pipeline 2. Send your sale reports to Google BigQuery with CSV file, API or Google Sheets 3. Write an SQL query to math the data. Here is a case with an omni-channel retailer on how to achieve it https://www.owox.com/c/2h6
Craig Teets@craig_teets
@mariia_bocheva Thnx, Great case to have all the data together in a single system.
Mariia BochevaMaker@mariia_bocheva · Head of Sales and Marketing
@craig_teets , give it a try and see for yourself ;) All new Product Hunt users get a 50% for the 1st month and a 2-week free trial
Craig Teets@craig_teets
@mariia_bocheva I guess it can help us with our issues to process the data. I’ll discuss these tools amd opportunities with my team.
Mariia BochevaMaker@mariia_bocheva · Head of Sales and Marketing
@craig_teets , sounds like a plan, Just hurry up, give it a try with a free 14-day trial and apply a promo code BIHUNT to get a 50% off your 1st month before it expires.