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I like it!!! 😎 👍
Hiya Hunters! I’m Jim, one of the creators of Ownit - The mobile app to keep track of the things you own. Here’s a little blurb about Ownit: Ownit is the most intelligent and powerful “owner management” app available. It allows consumers to easily add and keep track of all the things they own for insurance, warranty, support, repair, or recycling using only their mobile device’s camera. More powerful than a typical inventory management app which requires you to add all the detailed information, Ownit enables users to simply and quickly add something to their Ownit “Stash” using image recognition. Just take photos with your phone's camera and Ownit "automagically" adds all pertinent information that’s vital to product ownership. Information like brand, model, serial number, owner's manual links, support numbers, website and product manual links, social media links, links to how-to videos, and more are added automatically—all without typing. A user’s Stash contains a detailed, categorized list, of all the things you own, conveniently in one place in your pocket. The newly released version is now available to Android 5.x users and above on Google Play , and for iPhone users on the App Store . More information can be found at www.getownit.com. We’d love for you to try it and offer us any comments or feedback. Thanks for your time.
Hey everyone, I’m Sean, the lead developer on Ownit. This app has been a great opportunity to learn and grow as a developer here at 405 Group. We’ve been kicking it around as a side project for awhile, and it was finally time to bring it out into the public. We’ve been getting a lot of new users this week from Product Hunt and Reddit and some other marketing we’ve been doing. And what we’ve noticed is that some people are trying the app out by taking pictures of silly things just to see what happens. (a shoe, a bra, a bowl of popcorn, a glass vase, etc.) And some seem to be concerned by the inconsistent information they’re getting back. This might be obvious, but if you follow our instructions on how to add photos and what photos work best, you’ll get pretty good product data back automatically. It might not be immediate, but our goal is to try to make the resulting info as helpful as possible. Like we say in our FAQs (http://getownit.com/faqs/), you could take a picture of your dog, but don’t think you’ll get much more info back than “brown dog”. While it doesn’t always work perfectly, it’s not bad for a free app ;-) I currently have an inventory app on my phone from Allstate. It allows me to take pix and provides me fields to add all the information BY HAND. I started adding some when we moved last year, but there's no way I wanted to add all that information with my thumbs. Ownit helps greatly with getting the info and links automatically. It's still going to take some time, lifting my printer, pulling out my refrigerator, finding the box to my iPhone. But if you’re a little obsessive compulsive like me, it’s much easier than a drawer full of user manuals and receipts. I hope you all will try it out and report back here with your thoughts. Thanks for trying Ownit!
@sean_bryant I love the idea of ownit but having three pictures (item, logo, barcode) for everything I own in my iPhone library seems like a serious memory hog. I'm speaking from ignorance here, but couldn't this be done with a simple barcode scan?
@weegee thanks for the feedback! The pictures are actually not stored on your phone but in the cloud. If they show up in your photo library feel free to delete them (but you shouldn't have to). We are also working on OCR and Barcode scanning.
@sean_bryant Glad to hear! Thank you!