A social platform for people with collecting passion

Ownetic is a new social platform where people showcase their collectibles, arrange and catalog them into collections, connect with like-minded people and create real bonds ignited by common passion.

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Dear Hunters! We’re thrilled to share with you Ownetic - a place for people with a passion for collecting to showcase their collectibles and meet people of similar interests. Ownetic houses collections of all kinds of things: from stamps, coins, art and watches to vinyl records, Marvel figures and geek film memorabilia. It welcomes collectors, artists and all curious people to show off their collectibles, curate their collections in a beautiful way, and discover the world powered by passion! In a nutshell, Ownetic empowers its members to: Showcase collectibles and organize them into collections with descriptions and adjusted parameters. Meet like-minded people and build real connections based on common passion. Explore fascinating collections of all kinds of objects and be amazed at the variety of things and passions people have. Ownetic is powered by user feedback. Our first users (our Early Adopters Group on FB has more than 350 members - feel free to join!) are very involved in shaping the product. They are also passionate collectors who are willing to participate in building Ownetic with us. What comes next is deeply impacted by their feedback. It’s time to ask you, the Product Hunt community, of your thoughts and feedback! → Join our Early Adopters Group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/...
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Very nice GIF 😍
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So it's like the non-crypto version of NIFTYgallery (cc @toddg777) 😂
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Cool comparison @rrhoover 😊 I see that Nifty has a cool geeky idea behind it! (@toddg777) At Ownetic on the other hand, we’re on a mission to empower collectors and artists, so we can all be part of documenting how rich and diverse our culture is.
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it looks very interesting, surely will take a deeper look into it.. congratulations
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@alberto_waizel Thank you very much! :-) Enjoy Ownetic!
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I'm using Ownetic for more than 2 months to organize my family old analog photography collection. I do recommend to try it out :) It looks very promising now. Here's a sample of my collections: https://ownetic.com/profile/01C9...
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