Easily customize, track, and manage all your links

Easily customize, track, and manage all your links. Key features:
1. Easy to understand analytics
2. Track clicks on a daily, weekly, and monthly calendar
3. Geographic link targeting
4. Customizable links
5. Customizable landing pages
6. Password protect URLs
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It looks that you just bought (or download nulled) URL shortener on Codecanyon and release here. Does it? https://codecanyon.net/item/prem...
@malitov Thanks for taking the time to research that but I did not buy it from Codecanyon... Appreciate the support.
owlURL is a simple tool to manage all your links in one place! Create brandable links with great analytics, geo-targeting, password protection, customizable landing pages and much more. In addition to a free plan there are two paid plans with a lot more functionality. For all yearly PRO plans there is a PH discount of 35% OFF! on the homepage. Would love to know everyone's thoughts.
How are the customizable landing pages. I don’t see any reference of that on the website. Could you please share a screenshot or more information? Thanks
@fappnatic Great question. Its a paid feature and companies use it for marketing messages post-click. In a nutshell, you can send visitors through a custom landing page after they click on a owlURL link. For example I could customize a 5-second landing page for ProductHunters thats only viewed briefly after people click the link and before reaching the destination.