Owlorbit Trill

Send scheduled text messages to employees phones

* You can organize your contacts into groups and decide who will receive the texts.

* Have precanned messages ready at your disposal. Tailor your messages for who you will be sending them to.

* Plan your next disaster recovery test drill with our built in ability to send alerts in the future.

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Hey @nuwin_tim, What made you want to build this app? Please tell us more!
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@jacqvon Hello @jacqvon! I wanted to create a simple and easy to use tool that sends pre-built messages to target users/groups. I have been building tools in the disaster recovery space for some time now and a lot of DR products tend to over-complicate the UX. So while there are a handful of apps that do something similar to this functionality, I try to keep it straight-forward. Additionally, I wanted to add this app to my suite of communication tools and the Owlorbit platform already handled Push Notifications, Sending out polls, sharing locations + creating meet-up points.. the next logical step was to create a service that handles the text messaging. Feel free to send yourself a demo text msg (right now it's U.S. only but I'll be expanding that soon): https://www.owlorbit.com/trill_i... If you like the product then show some support by signing up! Use this discount code for 15% off at checkout: PH15 Thanks! -Tim
hi are the prices for international sms or us only?
@brahim_chougrani1 currently it's for U.S. only but once I roll out the international support I will reach out to you and we can discuss fair pricing based on your usage/geography.
@brahim_chougrani1 we now support International SMS. You can demo it on the home-page: https://www.owlorbit.com/trill_i... The credit + professional levels still stands. What country will be your primary target? Thanks!
@nuwin_tim thanks i would like to target algeria saudi arabia may i ask what are the prices and are all the messages takes 5 min or only for demo ? if the prices are good i would love to use your api
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@brahim_chougrani1 great. That 5 minute delay was only for the demo. The prices should be the same that are listed on the site. Depending on your usage, you may want to eventually upgrade to the enterprise plan but for now I'd start with the pro plan ($19.99/mo w/ some throttling). If you sign up for that vs. credits, I'll be more than happy to build out features that will tailor to your needs.