Super handy Chrome Extension that tells me when I'm reading poor / biased / fake news. Even better, it suggests articles that expose me to perspectives I wouldn't otherwise have heard in my algorithmic timelines & echo chambers.

  • Anita Moorthy
    Anita MoorthyTech marketer, mother, traveller

    I like it provides me with alternative stories and view points that I would have not thought to look at myself.


    None yet.

    I am a news junkie and like reading news. But in the past few months, I find myself wondering if I am getting the whole picture. This product is helping solve a very big and timely problem - tech marketer, mother, advisor, MIT Sloan board member.

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    Awesome tool! Assesses the bias and quality of news articles and recommends better articles on those topics. Simple, clean unintrusive UI.


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    The Chrome extension helps me assess the quality and bias of news articles and find high-quality articles with alternative perspectives about news that interests. Can't wait to see how the product evolves!

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Hi all hunters and makers! Thrilled to launch CivikOwl on Product Hunt and eager to hear your feedback and suggestions. The problem of biased news and fake news driving an increasingly polarized society is one that many of us have experienced first hand. This is tearing apart our communities and is an issue that the team and I care deeply about. CivikOwl's Chrome extension is our first product that helps people understand the quality of news they are reading and exposes them to multiple high-quality perspectives from across the political spectrum. Lots more to come - all driven by your feedback! So please be blunt :)
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@juicemoorthy I've just installed. For me I expect the big use case will be discovering alternative news sources, I'm getting very jaded with Twitter and FB telling me what to read so excited to have an alternative undriven by the same imperatives that drive the big guys algorithms. How do you see yourselves avoiding the same groupthink driven by ads/revenue that drives Facebook and Twitter?
@flypostboy Great to see the use case that matters to you and excellent question on how we avoid group-think that plagues Twitter/FB. We plan to earn revenues by driving a cross-publisher news subscription rather than advertising. i.e. you pay one price to access news behind paywalls across multiple sites, but that price is geared for your reading pace so it's a deal for you and for the publishers. This also ties nicely with our extension suggesting news stories from a wide range of sites. Because we are not advertising-based we aren't solving for click/share rate but rather read ratio. This means our suggestion engine is less likely to only feed you content that you agree with. Will take some testing but we think this can help avoid group-think.
Very excited about this product! Well done @juicemoorthy and @ajoys 🚀 I need this - The world needs this!
@natmaas Thank you for the kind encouragement! Much more to come... and all powered by feedback from users like you!
So glad to see this out and available to more people. I have loved using this so far!
I will probably use an interesting module. Thanks to the developers)
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