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Competitor tracking, business news alerts, company profiles

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I've been mainly using this to create a feed of competitor's news. It's early but I like it. Wish there was list functionality.
@TheJoWo that's one of the next items we're planning to tackle - we've heard that a lot as users follow more companies. Lots more coming soon!
It's kind of like Nuzzle or Circa for competitive intelligence. The sentiment poll feature seems a little odd to me though.
@rrhoover the crowd sentiment gives even more insight into companies on our company profiles, which may clarify the use - just click any company logo in the app to see one. Or here is Dropbox's on the web: https://www.owler.com/iaApp/1016...
It seems v. interesting for things like the website screenshot history; but otherwise some of the details are really far off. e.g. the revenue for all the companies I looked at were an order of magnitude (i.e. like 1000%+) out of whack. I also don't think that random people in the general public are well placed to vote for the approval rating of a CEO they might know nothing about (but maybe that feature works better for public companies).
@_jacksmith you're right, our data isn't perfect and will become better as the community grows. Especially for companies with only a few followers and a limited # of revenue votes the numbers can be far off but as more votes are contributed we've seen ranges get especially close. Our strong point right now is tracking companies (competitors, accounts, portfolio, etc.) and being able to follow all news and material events (funding, acquisitions, leadership team changes) on those companies. However, the team's working hard on fine tuning the whole platform, so welcome any and all feedback!
@malaparte we're both in the company information space so definitely similar. Among others, one of the biggest differences is that Owler is completely free on both web and mobile.
@tharsch how do you monetize/plan to monetize?
@_jacksmith potentially future add-on features, but primarily through API access to the company data