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Veeral Patel
Veeral PatelHunter@vral
Hey guys, Owl is an app that provides one interesting and curated fact to your phone everyday. It's fairly simple and I got the idea to make something like it after being obsessed with the facts underneath Snapple glass bottles. I released it May 2013 and it has over 19k downloads so far! Hope you guys like it.
Andrew Turnbull
Andrew Turnbull@ar_turnbull · UX Architect, Evans Hunt
Hey @vral Congrats on all the downloads so far. I wonder if your landing page would be more effective with a few more examples of facts curated by Owl? You could have a random one load on each page load, add a button to load a new one, or set a timer. I was intrigued by the idea of learning something new everyday, but wondered if you might see higher conversion rates by showing people a little more of what they'll get. Just a thought! Great work and keep coding :)