OWIWI v.2.

Discover your skills through an immersive gaming experience!

Owiwi is a Greek based startup that has created a FREE game-based assessment tool that measures a persons Soft Skills (I.E Interpersonal Skills) through an immersive experience where every interaction helps to shape a comprehensive report; showcasing your strengths and areas of improvement to enhance your "employability" in your next job interview!

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Hi everyone! I hope you are all having a fine day! My name is Ilias Vartholomaios and i am the CEO and cofounder of Owiwi; a Greek based startup that is involved in the field of Human Resources; specifically in the assessment of talents! Owiwi is actually a two-sided platform that on one end, caters towards HR Managers in large organizations with the intention to help them; attract, identify and select the best available talents for any position. On the other end, Owiwi is a fun and engaging psychometric tool that accurately measures candidate soft skills (i.e Interpersonal Skills) – completely FREE. Think of a combination of advanced scientific methodology packed within an immersive game that millennials enjoy taking part in; where every interaction helps to create a comprehensive soft skills report at the end which you can view. We take away the stress in the hiring process for the candidate while minimising / eliminating the recruiter risk of hiring the wrong candidate. As our kinsfolk Plato once said, you can learn more about a person in an hour of play; than a whole year of conversation - and that is exactly the value proposition we bring to the table! We know that people are a lot more than just a piece of paper (CV/Resume) and that many times we dont get the chance to really showcase our talents or fit for a position; because of stress and other factors. Well Owiwi is here to try and change that through an immersive gaming experience that can enhance a person’s employability by giving them insights into their strong points and areas of improvement. Having launched the first version of our game in 2017 and with over 20k users, we currently measure soft skills such as: Decision Making Flexibility (Willingness to Change) Adaptability Resilience But why are you telling me all of this Ilia? Well im glad you asked friend! We are currently running a pre-launch campaign for the next iteration of our product and we need YOUR help. In the next couple of days, we will be launching our latest iteration complete with a redesigned platform, new features and new skills; in a closed BETA environment and we want to hear your feedback, thoughts and comments! Whether they are good or bad! (Especially if its bad – after all, feedback is the breakfast of champions!) Specifically, a few lucky winners will be selected via the campaign we have set up (Thank you Viral Loops for Startups ) and will have the opportunity to gain exclusive access to our platform and game BEFORE anyone else does. To sweeten the deal, these lucky winners will also gain a few free goodies that are reserved for paying customers as well as gain insights into the new batch of soft skills we will be measuring, which are: Learning Agility Teamwork Accountability Work Ethics For more information on our pre-launch campaign please visit: https://prelaunch-campaign.owiwi... If on the other hand you cant be bothered, no worries - we understand! My cat, Sparta however, will not! :joy: Many thanks in advance and for whatever questions or clarifications you may have, just let me know! My team and i will be happy to help! Kind and warm regards, Ilias
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Its mutually beneficial for both the employee and the employer. The employer optimises the use of a potential employee, and tailors the qualities to their needs, while an employee has a personal SWOT analysis and can therefore develop their professional qualities to a greater extent, while at the same time improve their weaknesses thus enhance their appeal on a competitive job market.


Its useful and fun and the same time!


They haven't hired me yet :)

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@darja_babovic A very shrewd review!!! We are so happy to hear you see the value in it! Thank you so much!!

The most modern and effective HR tool I have ever used.


Great way to dig out someone's soft skills in a recreative and clever way.


Better graphics, more psychometric tests for more skills or why not a multiplaying version of the "game"/tool in the future?

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Thank you for the positive review and feedback @john_golfin! We will be adding animations to the game in the near future and hopefully in our next fundraising round we will be able to signficantly upgrade the graphics. As for more skills/tests, we have something in the works; we just have to be patient and respect the scientific process to ensure scientific integrity in the tool. As for Multiplayer... that would be awesome ;)
Can't wait for the new product Ilias! 🎉