AI powered smart suitcase that follows you around

Ovis is the 1st AI-powered suitcase that follows you and is TSA Approved with self-follow, obstacle avoidance, power bank, tracking alarm, weight sensor & more

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Have the makers ever been in a busy airport / train station? This is completely impractical and will lead to a lot of angry people tripping over it. Also, just to be a broken record, can I ask the makers what the AI element is?
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@mickc79 I believe they're referencing the object detection when referring to AI
@georgewillaman object detection isn't artificial intelligence. It's object detection.
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@mickc79 Yes, but it was trained via AI. As you can see from the video, it only highlights people. I can promise there will be many issues though, such as bumping into people, getting suck on chords, and who knows what would happen at escalators :)
@georgewillaman trained by Ai to avoid humans; there are kids toys that avoid ANY obstacle that aren’t AI. The tagline for this thing should be “trained by AI to recognise and avoid people, but will still crash into wheelchairs, prams, other luggage and pillars etc”
@mickc79 True, but I am not sure. It may avoid other luggage/wheelchairs/pillars/etc. The demo video isn't too helpful.
This is interesting! I'm interested but only bring a carry on so I lack the need for this. Can't wait to see Ovis in airports around the world!
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Haha this is awesome! Although, I feel like I would constantly be checking that it's still near me.
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Great job!! I’m loving this concept !! Want this one shipped to India,could you do that . How’s the pricing hope not really expensive one to dream about. Would love to feature this on my website could send a review unit here ?