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The first real-time team analysis app for gaming teams

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Hi PH, My name is Eli, I made Guilded (http://www.guilded.gg). We just launched an a native overlay (via Overwolf.com) for Overwatch teams that crunches stats for all players in the game, runs them through an engine trained with thousands of competitive Overwatch teams, and decides the best team compositions for your team in real-time. The result is that you can play with balanced teams, every time. Let me know if you have any questions/suggestions/feedback!
Hey Eli: I was actually considering building something just like this a long time ago for personal use. Just curious: how are you getting the list of current team members from the PC client?
@k1ix that's likely part of the secret sauce
@jaredepicpower I was just curious if they cut a deal with Blizzard to bypass their anti-cheat (a la Twitch client) or if Blizzard provided an API of sorts.
@slek22 Ahh! Thanks! Now I am curious as to how Overwolf does it.