Overv.io (beta)

We give GitHub Issues project-tracking superpowers.

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Their way of requesting beta access is interesting, I’ve never seen it before. It also fits quite well with the product! They make you create a new GitHub Issue to request access, and pre-fill it with a funny little poem. Or you can write your own...https://github.com/mirumee/overv...
@lachlanjc I love it :)
They claim they can turn your Gihub Issues into a super-machine by allowing you to have one place from which you can manage multiple projects and to tune in with high customization options, smart overview mode, live reporting and better management. These are the things that are now missing in the core product.
Love the design - reminds me a bit of the onlycoin design with moving objects.
Very clean design, and clever copy when you click the CTA. Can't wait to try it!
Just got our alpha invite. So far it is really awesome!