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$125 dollars to write 250 words about you.... To me this seems a bit much. I also believe that if you are trying to 'sell' yourself then you are the best person to do it. You should be writing your bio yourself. I get it that some people are not great with words (including me) but this seems like cutting corners where they should not be. Create your own survey and send it out to family, friends and on social and see what results come back... you may be surprised :)
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@bentossell At Overture, we believe that everyone has an inspiring story, and we help them tell it. Our clients are generally coaches, lawyers, doctors--people who are building their businesses with their personal brands. Spending money on premium content to promote themselves is normal. And $125 is nothing compared to top-shelf copywriters who charge $50-100 per hour. Over the past three years, we've helped 3000+ people tell their stories in our profile videos. Bio was a chance to scale what we do best--write inspiring stories for people who want to build their businesses. Since testing Bio over the past three weeks, we've been able to write over 245 bios for people from all over the world. And Ben, since you don't seem to have written anything about yourself here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ben-... or anywhere else I could find out about you on the web (angel, medium, etc.), perhaps we can help you find the right words, too. ;)
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@lovejmw oh I completely get that people will use it but doesn't change my opinion ;) Haha you got me! People can figure me out from any place on the web themselves but chatting to me is the best thing :)
@bentossell Next time you're asked to speak at a conference and they ask you for your bio, send me an email. jmw@overture.me :)
@bentossell do you think "A creative collaborator in the fight against boring sh*t. Inspired to help people do the things they love. Chief Storyteller at @Overtureinc" would be worth $125? That's @lovejmw's Twitter bio. :)
@chrismessina @bentossell @overtureinc Hi Chris! We don't charge $125 for Twitter bios. But we'd certainly love to write yours.
I'm fascinated by this idea. My biggest personal challenge with writing bios (and one I think a lot of people might struggle with) isn't the actual wordsmithing, which is a strong point for me, but figuring out how to position all my experiences, since they're so varied, into one coherent package. Would be interesting to see what the questionnaire includes before making a purchase. Would you be willing to post it?
@jasonshen That's our specialty. We started with short profile videos that are generally about 5 sentences long. Summing someone up in 5 sentences is not easy. But we figured it out. See overture.me/jmw for example. Have already produced 3000+ of those. Now we've expanded to longer narratives like bios. To check out the online interview, go here: overture.me/interview. We'd love to tell your story, Jason!
from the daniel chen sample, "Talking about money is can be complicated and daunting" - do you charge separately for proof reading? just kidding, sort of...
@passingnotes Well, that's been fixed! Good catch! We definitely proofread bios for clients better than web pages, apparently. :)
I don't share the same skepticism as the others here, but it would be great to see examples of bios that have been written.
@_taurean Thanks, Taurean! You can check out overture.me/payton-bio and overture.me/daniel-bio for examples.
Hey @lovejmw, I don't think I'll need a $125 bio for a while, but I'd love to get a Twitter bio written from you guys, in exchange for a tweet about it? Let me know :) www.twitter.com/mrsharma