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Dan Porter
Digital w/ WME
I am obsessed with short form sports content and sports debate. If Curry was on the Cavs and LeBron on the Warriors who would have won the NBA championship? Who are your top 5 ginger athletes of all time? Who's the best fantasy D over the last 5 years. I want to consume a massive volume of sports in the time it takes me to wait for the elevator and head down to the street. And I love video clips. So we built the opposite of a stodgy, corporate sports media platform. Recipe: Build a 10 second highlight clip feature (with slow mo!), organize content into feeds which covers high school to pro sports, add a twist of GIFs, a ton of debate, shake, stir, and let the average fan go crazy. That’s what we built Overtime – because the game never ends. Happy to answer questions! (And we really, really care about UI. Check out how we do this.)
Tori Bunte
PMM, HPE Storage
Another place for me to trash the Seahawks. Bless.
Anarghya VardhanaSenior Associate, Maveron
If we had passed the ball to Marshawn in the superbowl last year .... :(