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Ben Parr
Ben ParrMakerHiring@benparr · Co-founder and CMO, Octane AI
This week, we had our first guest, Mark Johnson of Zite and Descartes Labs fame! We went through the future of AI (and what is and is not hype), #RIP Twitter and how we consume content, and content monetization and ad blocking. What should we talk about next week?
Jason L. Baptiste
Jason L. BaptisteMaker@jasonlbaptiste · Founder, Studio
We really enjoyed putting this one together. Mark is our first guest of many. Oh and I finally got a mic!
Ikhsan Rahardian
Ikhsan Rahardian@ixn · Founder, Nobel
Jason and Ben, great work! I was really interested in the topics tbh. However, about 10 minutes in, I started to notice that it was a little bit "all over the place" and hard to follow (no moderation). Just a piece of mind. Interesting tone on how medium, LinkedIn Pulse and upcoming 1000s character for Twitter come together!