Oversubscribed - #1: NBC's Delusions and Foursquare's Future

Tech, startups & media w/ Jason L. Baptiste and Ben Parr

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We've recorded two episodes of our podcast. We record every Friday and publish immediately thereafter. So look for the next edition of Oversubscribed on Friday on Soundcloud and iTunes (coming later today)!
Ben and I created Oversubscribed because we wanted to share the conversations we were having as friends 1:1 with the entire world. We're both writes/authors, but haven't done a podcast before, so it's a bit of a fun new experiment for us. We'll be adding guests and trying to talk about more than the normal hot button topics in tech. What do you wish we'd talk about that we haven't?
I love these guys!
@cemkozinoglu We love you too!
this is great, can't wait to listen